What is the cost of Delivery?

We offer free local delivery. There are no minimums to the order, but if the order is small we will wait to pair with other small deliveries.

Special Orders?

We order special orders everyday. It is important to figure these orders very closely as there are no refunds or returns on the orders. Special orders can take 3 days to 6 weeks to come in.

I need a contractor?

We do not offer installed sales, but can help you find local, reputable contractors for any type of project you may have.

Do you only sell to contractors?

No, we sell to everyone!

What type of payments?

Cash, local checks, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What do I need to do a paint color match?

A smooth, clean, good quality sample with no cracks or scratches in it, roughly the size of a half dollar or larger.

Can you match other companies paint colors?

Our computer has the software that gives us the ability to match most other paint companies colors.

What do we sell?

Lumber, paint, hardware, and virtually any kind of material to build a house, from start to finish.

Do you sharpen blades?

We have a company that picks up every Wednesday with a one week turnaround. If it can be sharpened, they can do it.